viernes, 23 de octubre de 2015

Describing a work of art

Hi guys!
This is an example of a composition to describe a work of art. I gave you a PDF file (at the end of the post) with the structure and a lot of useful vocabulary.

This is a picture painted by the artist Caspar David Friedrich in 1823 called "The Sea of  Ice" or "The Wreck of Hope".

The technique used is oil on canvas.
It is a realistic work of art and it represents a different seascape, as the sea appears completely frozen.

In the foreground there are huge broken ice blocks, terribly sharp. These blocks are illuminated with warm lights.
In the background we can see a leaning ship trapped between the ice blocks, and how the light gradually becomes colder in the distance.

I love this picture because it is an unusual vision of the power of nature against our fragility.

The lights effects are amazing, and the hole picture is really powerful and impressive. 

Learn from mistakes, be creative and work with love.

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